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The electronics industry benefits from working on the nanoscale because it helps electronic companies make things smaller. For example, the semiconductor industry, which we have come to expect to provide ever smaller circuits and ever more powerful computers, relies on a technology that is fundamentally limited by the wavelength of light or x-rays. The industry sees itself plunging towards a fundamental size barrier using existing technologies.

Spiral shaped nanotubes and nanofibers created a new kind of nanoscale swiching that creates different electronic properties that advances memory storage devices.

However, the ability to work at levels below these wavelengths, with nanotubes or other molecular nanoconfigurations, offers a sledgehammer to break through this barrier. Ultimately, circuit elements could consist of single molecules. Nanoscale structures such as quantum dots also offer a path to making a revolutionary new type of computer, the quantum computer, with its promise of mind-boggling computing power.


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